Welcome 2017!

In 2016, there are lots of stories that I want to write down in this blog. However, most of the time my mind just stopped working and I could not even write a single word to express my thought. I hope age does not in charge in this matter. Anyway, because those stories are actually important and affecting my life, somehow, so I need to write it down here, in hope that you, may be, will be able to embrace a small little thing that gives you a more meaningful life.

Firstly, when I was in Bali last year, I left my earphone on the couch of the hotel’s lobby. I thought I had lost it, but then when I called the customer service of the hotel, she found it and kept it. I was so relieved at that moment.

Secondly, when I was heading off to the Ngurahrai Airport, I had a quick dinner at a small random street restaurant. That restaurant is located just across the main gate of the airport. While enjoying my dinner, somehow I ended up chatting with a woman who is actually the owner of the restaurant. We talked about education, how important it is, and also discussing her son who is about to enter college but still confused. Long story short, when I was about to pay my bill, she refused politely and even wish me a wonderful life. How could I forget this?

Thirdly, as I posted before, I finally visited one of the states in the US. Although it was just for a business trip, but still I managed to step on San Francisco and San Jose in California.

Those are some of the good things that happened in my life in 2016. How about the bad ones? Believe me, I have dozens of that kind of stories. Nonetheless, they made me become a better person in 2017.

Let’s see what 2017 could offer to my life.  Well, I wish everybody has a wonderful life as well. Let’s face 2017 with a big smile 😀

Eka T. Samosir

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