When “enough” is never “enough”

November is here. It brings the gloomy days to town and effects the daily mood. As written on published paper by Denissne, et al in their finding about The Effects of Weather on Daily Mood: A Multilevel Approach, negative affect is mainly influced by the effects of temperature, wind power, and sunlight. Sunlight had a main effect on tiredness and mediated the effects of precipitation and air pressure on tiredness. Guess what, I think I am in the club right now. With all this hustle and bustle conditions, tons of work should be done immediately while at the same time you have to scramble with all the minds which for some reasons, relying on you without even realizing it but of course that is part of the work and life.

Punctilious, meticulous, persnickety, graphoria, or ideaphoria, those aptitudes would probably suit me if they can be deliberated as a single word. My brain keeps thinking about all this kind of stuff and never in my life I feel so helpless for not being able to force myself completely. Some people said, we should not be too hard on our self and try to relax, enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, the ride is too shaky and swinging tautly. My nerves are tensed and as the result I lost control of my senses and start picking something up to blame for which I deeply regret afterward.

Robert A. Emnos wrote that someone will feel happy and lively when s(he) spontaneously discuss about his/her life goals, wishes, and dreams for the future. Well, I think he should work more on his research about this idea. Not everybody will experience the same way when they are facing the same question. Some people will feel depressed as if their life is in a catastrophic. Why? Okay, it is true that “almost” every single person has wishes and dreams for their future and yes, some of them work insanly hard to make them come true. But, when the surroundings seem not to back you up on reaching your wishes or dreams, after what you have done is never enough? The response to the first question will not be a happy face but most likely a frown one. Nevertheless, that is the essence of life though. Enough will never be enough unless you stop whising or dreaming for something.

Ah, I guess it is nicer to put the blame on November for bringing such this dramatic emotion, please carry on November!

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