America, finally we met!

I remember, when I was in high school, I always said; “I want to go to America” when someone threw me a question about my future plan. Years have gone by and I entered college, the thought of going to America was just like a random childhood dream which forgotten when a new toy is found. In my first year at college, I decided to go to Europe, simply because of my senior got to study in the Netherlands. And as I have posted before, I finally did it. I went to Scotland to study and visited some European countries.

While pursuing my study in Scotland, some friends invited me to go to the US. It brought back the dream I had a long time ago. However, no one can defy the time from running so quick. I had to go back to the country where I belong and drew off that idea. Well, I was trying to think positive that it might not my fate to be there.

On the exact day of my birthday, I flew back to Indonesia where I had one of the special moments in my entire life. I got a birthday cake before midnight (I do not know where we were and what the time zone was) from the airline’s crews. Thanks to you special one. I then invited the crews to finish the cake in the kitchen, accompanied by a glass of white wine. I wished you were there.  Okay, this is too cheesy, I know.

Finally, I am in Indonesia and worked as an academia. Long story short,  my stars were aligned so perfect during a regular fine day around Lake Toba, I was offered to do a job that required me to travel to the US. Eureka!!! Finally, in the mid of July 2016, I stepped on the land of America for the first time in 15 years of planning. California is the luckiest state to have my first footprint. Thanks to the universe and to a kind-hearted-great people around.

My wonderful life is getting perfect when I met great people in there and another special moment was added to my life when I finally met a real astronaut, Dr. Ivone Cagel. A very amazing woman with the amazing experience who’s traveled to space, which makes me realize that I am nothing compare to her accomplishment.

I can not write the detail of our meeting here because it was truly unexpected. But one thing that I understand now, that a dream is not always a dream. It can be real, sooner or later, it is just a matter of time. However, the question is, are you patient enough? are you willing to take the risk to make it come true?

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