A story of mind

Woke up this morning and checked out the calendar on my mobile phone, it has been 11 months since I moved back to the place where I once introduced with all the things I have learned right now. It is hard not to say that I miss this place. The foggy morning with the warm yellowish sun light rises from behind the bluish mountains and the calm lake that fulls of mystery with all the fishers trying to catch up with life, not to mention the nature’s melody sings by the winds and birds, those are just so relaxing and making you forget the world outside for a moment.

In 11 months, I have encountered some life’s obstacles. Some of them are worth to save in my sanctuary memory box but some of them are just like the rain in the dawn, I may hear it or see it, but I would rather sleep than wait for it to stop. Those good memories are somehow driving me to the point where I always want to be. To be honest, I do not know exactly where it is but I feel it in my gut, totally. However, I still need extra efforts to make it happens. You can not just simply be in one place without doing something. Sacrifice is required, mind and time.

The wind is blowing softly right now, bringing me the smell of burning hay from the rice fields nearby. Yes, the farmers did it so they can use it as a natural fertilizer before the planting season is started. The clouds seem too hesitate to drop the rain, maybe it does not want to stop the fire from burning. I, however, sitting and leaning on my door, writing this random stuff and enjoying the moment. This week I will walk further to another journey that I was never expected before. Challenging and it might be filled up with surprises along the way. I hope I can find a taste-like-tiramisu-ice cream during this journey, but please no wasabi’s.

From that moment, another doors might be opened and ready to be unveiled. My mind is bursting with all the guesses about what the future is going to be, “que sera, sera”. Perhaps I just have to leave it to the hand of faith. Well, I should rest assured then.

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