Posting via Email

April 7th, 2015

Maybe I am so outdated because I just tried this feature. So, for those who have not tried this, I assure you that this feature is really helpful. Especially if you are a frequent blogger who always have something to post on your personal blog.

To activate this feature, first, you need to download Jetpack plugin to your WordPress dashboard. You can find it easily by searching it in the plugin directory. Download the plugin -> install -> activate it.

If you have done with those steps, then:
1. Look for “Users” menu and hover it, you will see “Your profile”.
2. Clik on that menu and go to “Post by Email” part.
3. On “Email Address”, click “Enable Post by Email” button
4. A new email will be generated for you. Note; if you are not happy with the email address you can regenerate it by clicking “Regenerate Address” button.

Now you can send your article to that email address and it will appear automatically on your homepage. For more detail, please visit the manual instruction.

Happy blogging.

Eka T. Samosir