Before I forgot my purpose of life, so I would like to write down what I really want to have within 5 years from now on.

  1. Travel to Bifengxia
  2. Second handed violin from hundreds of year ago (and I hope I found my teacher in the meantime)
  3. Mirrorless Camera Panasonic Lumix G7 (latest version) with lenses (still looking for lenses that suit my preferences best)
  4. eReader Kindle Voyage WiFi (maybe the latest edition, if they have)
  5. MacBook Pro Retina Display (Maybe MacBook Air Retina Display, if they have)
  6. BB-8 Start Wars

Yaps, that’s all what I want to buy in the next 5 years. I have to study and work harder to get them 😉 Wish me luck.  I probably will travel to the US to buy those stuffs because they are cheaper in that country (after my visit to the US, this is not really true 🙁 ).