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A “Literally” short trip to Tokyo-Japan

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Days before my departure to California in January, I received my flight ticket with a bit of shock. Why? Because I will have a layover in Narita – Tokyo, Japan for almost 9 hours. I always dislike having a long layover, especially when traveling abroad, plus unable to leave the airport. So, to avoid the same mistake I did when I was “imprisoned” in Istanbul, Turkey last year (yes, I did and it lasted for about 8 hours) I did some researches on how to obtain short or temporary visa sort of.

Actually, Indonesian who possesses an ePassport can enter Japan by simply sending their passport to the Japan Embassy in Jakarta to get the stamp or kind of things so they could easily visit Japan any time without issuing any visa. Unfortunately, mine is still the old type passport. So, the only solution for that is to apply for a visa which takes days, not to mention the shipping issues, I do not have that kind of time privilege for this.

In the midst of despair, I found out about Shore Pass (more…)