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A “Literally” short trip to Tokyo-Japan

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Days before my departure to California in January, I received my flight ticket with a bit of shock. Why? Because I will have a layover in Narita – Tokyo, Japan for almost 9 hours. I always dislike having a long layover, especially when traveling abroad, plus unable to leave the airport. So, to avoid the same mistake I did when I was “imprisoned” in Istanbul, Turkey last year (yes, I did and it lasted for about 8 hours) I did some researches on how to obtain short or temporary visa sort of.

Actually, Indonesian who possesses an ePassport can enter Japan by simply sending their passport to the Japan Embassy in Jakarta to get the stamp or kind of things so they could easily visit Japan any time without issuing any visa. Unfortunately, mine is still the old type passport. So, the only solution for that is to apply for a visa which takes days, not to mention the shipping issues, I do not have that kind of time privilege for this.

In the midst of despair, I found out about Shore Pass (more…)

When “enough” is never “enough”

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

November is here. It brings the gloomy days to town and effects the daily mood. As written on published paper by Denissne, et al in their finding about The Effects of Weather on Daily Mood: A Multilevel Approach, negative affect is mainly influced by the effects of temperature, wind power, and sunlight. Sunlight had a main effect on tiredness and mediated the effects of precipitation and air pressure on tiredness. Guess what, I think I am in the club right now. With all this hustle and bustle conditions, tons of work should be done immediately while at the same time you have to scramble with all the minds which for some reasons, relying on you without even realizing it but of course that is part of the work and life.


America, finally we met!

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

I remember, when I was in high school, I always said; “I want to go to America” when someone threw me a question about my future plan. Years have gone by and I entered college, the thought of going to America was just like a random childhood dream which forgotten when a new toy is found. In my first year at college, I decided to go to Europe, simply because of my senior got to study in the Netherlands. And as I have posted before, I finally did it. I went to Scotland to study and visited some European countries.

While pursuing my study in Scotland, some friends invited me to go to the US. It brought back the dream I had a long time ago. However, no one can defy the time from running so quick. I had to go back to the country where I belong and drew off that idea. Well, I was trying to think positive that it might not my fate to be there.